This Summer at Bethany

trajan a future with hope rectangleSince January, Bethany has engaged in the Jeremiah Project, a process to discover who we are! And, have we ever! We have 4 passions here at Bethany: Community, Hospitality, Outreach and Justice. You will find at the end of this post statements about our 4 passions.

While Pastor Kelli is on maternity leave, we’ll have preachers reflecting on one of our 4 passions. Community Life Groups begin soon. Created based on your input during the Jeremiah visioning process, small groups have been formed to give us opportunities to get to know each other better and to know ourselves better. Leaders have graciously accepted the call to care for each group. Your leader will be in touch with you soon and they are already keeping you in their prayers! They will be there for you, and hope you will let them know if you need them anytime, they will keep you informed of special church news (such as the baby’s arrival). The leaders will also be hosting four gatherings for your group during July, August,and September. These small group events, will be fun and informative; we will learn about each other, learn about ourselves, and continue to explore ways to live our faith withone another. After the summer sessions, your leader will continue to care for you. However, the members in your group may change. Groups may decide to meet based on shared interests, a project, or to mix up so that we can all get to know more people in the church. The possibilities are endless! Anyone can join a community life group, just let the church office know.

Community: Living in the way of Jesus, we are an intergenerational family of faith embracing the value and beauty of each individual. We nurture one another spiritually on our journey from infancy to the far side of maturity. Through experiences of worship, education, and service we grow in relationship with God, with our neighbors, with ourselves, and with all creation.

Hospitality: Living in the way of Jesus, we embody radical hospitality. We build relationships within an environment safe for all, where all means every person. We welcome the stranger and the friend, the child and the teenager, the marginalized and the mainstream, sharing the love of God by affirming individuals for who they are, reflections of God’s presence.

Outreach: Living in the way of Jesus, we partner with the larger community, locally, regionally and globally, to share the abundance of God’s creation in an equitable and sustainable way so that all may thrive.

Justice: Living in the way of Jesus, we are empowered to bring wholeness to a fragmented world. Through education and prayer, we discern what is just and proclaim God’s shalom.

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