Lent at Bethany

Lent 2014Lent is the Holy time to get ready for Easter. For the six weeks leading up to Easter, we will focus on what it really means to be a Christian today. With all the noise from the media and others who want to tell us what it means to be Christian, it’s time to really dig deep into what God might actually be asking of us when we proclaim our Christian identity. We’ll use videos in worship and have a Wednesday night discussion group based on those videos starting March 12 at 5:45 for 5 weeks. Dinner and childecare provided. Please RSVP to Pastor Kelli.

Ash Wednesday begins it all on March 5 at 7 p.m. See you there!

About Rev. Kelli Driscoll

Kelli is originally from Shreveport, Louisiana and grew up in a church that taught her God loves us and wants the best for us. This message (God loves us!) is what called her into ministry. She wants everyone to know about that love! Kelli went to Texas Christian University in Fort Worth earning a BA in Religion (Christianity and World Religions). She went to seminary at Brite Divinity School at TCU. Following seminary she moved to Kansas City in service of Community Christian Church. There, Kelli met her husband, Nick Crews, a Tulsa native. Kelli and Nick have a daughter, Charlie. They also have 2 bird dogs that are more interested in earning treats than retrieving quail.
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