Welcome All!

Bethany Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) of Tulsa, Oklahoma is a very small, member led congregation. Each person who wishes to, offers their own particular gifts and talents, from simply participating to taking a turn in leading worship. In 2020, when we were no longer able to support a pastor, we felt God’s call to continue meeting together for worship, adult education, outreach and care of one another. At this time, we have no classes for children or youth.

Each Sunday, we worship together at 10:45 am, following Church School which meets at 9:30 am.

You are invited to join us for worship in person at 6730 S Sheridan Road at Bethany Community School. We dress casually and comfortably.

We also provide an opportunity to worship on-line via Zoom by clicking on this link Click Here.

Adult Church School can also be attended via zoom. Click here to join by Zoom. We are currently studying the archaeology of the Bible.

Our congregation’s legacy for the future is Bethany Community School, a thriving preschool, which was started by our congregation over fifty years ago.

The preschool now fully occupies the building which formerly belonged to the church. On Sundays, the congregation continues to use the sanctuary and fellowship hall.

The building is located at 6730 S Sheridan Road. We can be reached by phone 918-492-1353 or email churchoffice@bethanybelieves.com. We do not maintain an office during the week.

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