How to Respond to the Tornado Tragedies

As information continues to come in concerning Moore and Shawnee, you may, like me, have an overwhelming urge to do something that matters. Many groups are gathering supplies and heading toward central Oklahoma. I urge us to do what Week of Compassion says: Pray. Pay. Stay.

First, we pray. We pray for the parents who have lost children. We pray for the teachers who shielded children with their very bodies. We pray for the two men in their 70’s that passed away in Shawnee. We pray for communities who are responding to their neighbors with inspiring courage. We pray and express our outrage at such disasters just as the Psalmists did to God. Second, we pay. On Sunday, we will receive a special offering specifically for Week of Compassion’s response to the tornadoes. If you would like to give earlier, please click here to give. Third, we stay. We stay in our own community and acknowledge that at this time we should not be rushing to the store to buy bottled water or gathering used clothes. We stay and wait to hear about what is needed over the next few days. It feels unnatural to stay, because we want to help. But, trained responders are doing important work and the way we help them is by sending money and staying home. There is one important thing you can do in our own community. If you are eligible, give blood with the Red Cross or Oklahoma Blood Institute. Make an appointment and help replenish the supply for our state.

Pray with me: Almighty God, we are too sad for words. We wonder what is good in this world when tragedy strikes. We see images that break our hearts over and over again. Give us strength to see the good news lived out as First Responders do their work and we prepare to respond as needed. Amen.

Love to you each,


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